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Bill May(non-registered)
Very awesome David!! I was looking to see if you have video that you took with your drone. I would love to go to the places you have pictures of, but since that may never happen; this is a wonderful experience looking at what you have done!
Cathy Conn(non-registered)
Beautiful pics, David. You have a great eye for the perfect shot.
Vada Nemec Donathan(non-registered)
Absolutely, Mesmerizing David! Such perfection!!! Beautiful!
I can't believe this is Arizona!! The White Mountains do look a lot like the Valle Grande but almost think they are prettier!! Thank you so much for this great website. Keep up the Excellent work.
Mardella Rowland(non-registered)
Thanks for posting your link! I didn't know how truly talented you are; keep up the great work, David...BRAVO!
Ann Nash(non-registered)
Art. Plain and simple. Art. So many extraordinary photographs. You're truly gifted. Ann was right. I'd love to have so many--but I'm in love with the three odd trees--is it very expensive? We're broke right now, but maybe around Christmas I'll talk to my husband about a gift for me.
Thanks for sharing these with us.
Ann Stockly-Armijo(non-registered)
You take photography to a whole other level. They're not just pictures, they're art.
Steve Noyes(non-registered)
David, these are wonderful! So many beautiful shots - so little wall space! Going to have to pick and choose. Wish all my troubles were so tough! :-)

Question: Do you do photography seminars? Take a number of folks out to a location for a week: teach, try, critique, etc? National Geographic offers that a couple times a year, which I can never afford, but I love the idea... If you do, let me know? Thanks!
Eric Traister(non-registered)
Just wanted to stop by and compliment you're incredible photos.
They truly are exquisite.
Nancy Hinrichs(non-registered)
Beautiful, you can feel the texture.
Mark Siglock(non-registered)
Dave, These are awesome pictures!!! You have captured the beauty and shared that splendor
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